Show Your Why

It's easy for companies to regurgitate simple maxims. It's another thing to know what you're talking about.

Many quote quips like, "Know your Why." And, "Start with Why." And anything else they can get from business gurus like Simon Sinek.

Some companies talk about their "Why" when they haven't discovered their A thru X yet.

Now is the time to show your "Why." If your company makes a genuine difference, if you're more than the money, if you add real value to your customers - Now is the perfect time to show it!

"Actions speak louder than words" has never been more true.

It's easy to talk big when you're in the day-to-day; But…

Find a way to communicate with your customers at least once per week.

If you're a stylist and the government has labeled you as "non-essential," then you're currently unable to schedule appointments.

So, what are your options?

What can you do to keep from losing your business entirely?

Is there anything you can do that may help you to potentially grow your business on the other side of the pandemic?

Now is a great time to build a faithful following and instill loyalty in your base. Show you're committed to them - and it has less to do with money than it does their happiness and success.

Post weekly videos of expert tips you can share with your clients:

    • Blowdry your hair without toasting it
    • How often should you deep cleanse
    • The instant regret of the self-trim

If you're an auto shop, topics you could post might be:

    • The best time to check your oil; How often and why
    • April Showers will be hitting us soon enough - Are your wipers ready?
    • What proper tire inflation means to your wallet

Share content that matters to your audience.

Post this type of content about 3 times a week. This material doesn't need to be original. It can be curated from a trusted source. Just make sure it's something that adds value.

Show you exist for them. For the mission.

It keeps your brand in front of mind and reflects the genuine relationship you share.

Be sure not to…

By the way, do not express "things are tough here too." This does nothing to alleviate their stress. It may also be interpreted as a pity party.

When people are hurting, they only want to know that they are going to be okay.

Don't take it personally. Just be the confident professional that you are. Besides, you don't want them to wonder if you're going to still be in business to handle their needs after the situation.

Just show up and show out!

Be the awesome that you are while continuing to add value to your clients. They'll remember you when this is over.

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