Perfection is A Myth

Perfection is A Myth

Perfection Is A Myth

Stop dying on "perfection."

Stop allowing the myth of perfection to hold you back.

Get it "good enough" and get it out there!

No matter how great it is - if you never release it, it adds ZERO value!

Nothing will ever be perfect.

Although you want brand consistency that reflects the quality of your product, your brand could become irrelevant while waiting on the stars to align themselves just right.

Get it out there!

Release the goodness that you have so people can experience the greatness that you are!

In this video I didn't fix my hair, didn't use and external mike, pretty much just let it roll. Added a light leak where I make a point just to illustrate, sometimes good enough really is just that.

No more over analyzing. No more of this "I can't help it if I'm picky" garbage, that really screams to everyone else, "You can't help it that you're so insecure you can't release the content."

Now... Release the Kraken! I mean, content!

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