Find Your Beauty Mark | How to Market Beauty

Find Your Beauty Mark | How to Market Beauty

The Essence of Marketing Beauty is Similar to Marketing Anything - Here's Why

Every decision is based on and made in emotion.

Will Leach illustrates this best in his book, Marketing to Mindstates. We make decisions in the emotional child-mindstate. Then, we bring in the adult-mindstate to justify those decisions.

People do not purchase the products you're selling; They buy the stories you're telling.

They buy into the cool factor. The early-adopters, as Seth Godin calls them, buy first. They're the ones on the edges; The ones who want to set the trends. Then the followers buy what's on-trend. And lastly, everyone else dives in.

Be cautious of the "everyone else." Once your brand is available in Walmart, it loses a certain allure. It looses the notion that "this is an exclusive club. And I'm a part of the cool of this brand."

We can take notes from the Big Brands of Marketing.

Does Gatorade speak to their ingredients? Does Nike mention the quality of the material of their products?

While PCs were touting their processor speeds, Apple simply said, "Think Different."

You cannot make a difference in the marketing world by giving stats and chemistry lessons to people who are in an emotional mindset? It's like reasoning with a drunk.

This is usually where I hear the rebuttal…

I've been in marketing for over 20 years. I've worked in an array of industries with different targeted demographics:

    • Nonprofit religious organizations
    • Outdoorsmen with hunting and fishing groups
    • Engineers and people in the energy industry
    • and, of course, beauty

And everyone believes the same thing… our customers are different.

If your customers are human, then at their core they're the same.

The verbiage and terms they use may be different. They may be louder or more subtle. However, humans are wired by their DNA to form the same approaches to a decision. Which always starts emotionally.

Find Your Beauty Mark – Sell the Cool That You Are

Amplify your beauty marks

Beauty marks are those nuances, that natural distinction that's a part of a person's DNA that enhances their beauty.

What's your brand's beauty mark? What is it inside your brand's DNA that enhances your product and sets it apart from the rest of the pack?

In marketing lingo, we'd call it your USP. Your Unique Selling Proposition. It's vitally important for every brand to define their USP. But, it's especially important if you live in a world where your customers could perceive "same stuff, different can."

If you don't define your brand, your customers will. You have to define, for your customers, what makes you different. Then, beat that USP like a drum!

Whatever the first thing to pop in your head was – it's not that!

It's rarely your first thought, and here's why.

Take a moment and think – what is our brand to our customers? Remember, it's tough to see your beauty mark - it's on your face - but your customers see it every time they see your brand.

During WWII, Coca-Cola's leader, Robert Woodruff, decided any person in uniform should get a bottle of coke for 5¢ wherever he is and whatever it costs the company.

To those servicemen and women around the world, it wasn't a bottled drink… it was the taste of home.

Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon, was known to say, "In the factory, we make cosmetics. In the drugstore, we sell hope." He understood his brand's beauty mark.

Your brand is more than the product you're selling. Remember, to make that emotional connection. Listen to the bigger story your customers are talking about. Hear those adjectives. Highlight those words in your storytelling. 

You'll connect by telling the story behind the story. The larger truths of your brand. That's your beauty mark.

It's more than hair and makeup. It's confidence. It's courage. It's change on the outside that represents the life-change happening on the inside. That's your beauty mark. That's what you're truly selling.

Stop Talking to Yourself – Start Communicating

Stop speaking about the ingredients in your ads.

You do want to talk about the special things that set your product apart. However, if everyone is saying "no parabens," then it's lost in the noise. If you feel the need to speak to it because everyone else is, put it in Chapter 2 of your story. But, don't make it the cornerstone of your campaign.

This may shock you - no one cares! It's almost like recycling. Tons want to talk proudly about it. Yet, few practice it.

Find your customers "Give A Damn" and highlight it.

    • Cruelty-Free
    • Organic
    • Clean

If the rest of the marketing is working, no one will notice your chemistry lesson. If your marketing isn't working, You can list enough ingredients to feed a nation and it still won't help.

Give your consumers rememberable, repeatable stories.

Think back to your childhood. You probably cannot remember what you had for breakfast the first school day of third-grade. But, you can't forget that trip to Disney!

The brain is programmed to remember the extraordinary. That word is literally, extra-ordinary. Breakfast that school day was ordinary… Disney was extra-ordinary.

Shampoo is ordinary. Shampoo that gives me that lift in my confidence and shines in my soul is extra-ordinary.

What's that "extra" about your brand? How can you package that where your customers can remember it and repeat it?

These companies told a full story in a simple tagline.

Wheaties is the breakfast of Champions

Lays Potato Chips, Bet you can't eat just one.

Calgon, take me away! (You've got to love the fact that their site is "")

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline.

Gillette, the best a man can get.

Those are just examples of one-liner stories that are rememberable and repeatable.

In Summary…

Find your beauty mark.

You can talk about your ingredients, your company history, your parabens, formaldehyde, etc... Just don't lead with that story.

    • Discover your USP
    • Speak to the emotion that your brand evokes
    • Tell it in a memorable story
    • Rinse and Repeat

After you find that "thing" that is larger than your product and bigger than your brand - Beat it like a drum in all of your marketing efforts. Find your USP and the unique language that goes with it!

After all, a beauty mark without beauty… is just a mole.

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  1. Yes!!! I love this! It’s so true. People care about the way a product makes them feel when they use it, they care about the way you as a stylist/MUA/etc. made them feel like they couldn’t live without it….Just ask any woman about her red lipstick!!💄 It literally makes you feel powerful. Who cares about the ingredients?!🤷🏼‍♀️

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